Read what our students are saying about McMillan Golf Academy.

Date Student Subject Review
Oct 16, 2015 Kevin Young Road map to a better swing. Robert really has a way of making things fun and relatable to allow you to see immediate improvement's in your swing and game. This was my first lesson with him however I have been sending my 17 year old son to him for some time now which allowed him to make the high school golf team his first year tryout. If you want to improve your game and have fun doing it you should do yourself a favor and get on his calendar.
11-Oct-15 Bo Ward Golf lesson Robert was able to look at my swing within the first couple of swings and find a fix. He is great to work with and makes everything very easy to understand.
5-Oct-15 Gary W Great Start with excellent teacher! I just completed my first lesson with Robert. He is every bit the teacher his reviews talk about. I found him to be patient, attentive and thoroughly knowledgeable. I'm very excited about what my game can become with Robert's help.
5-Oct-15 D.B Robert is remarkable!!!! I have taken lessons from some of the top teachers in the country including Butch Harmon and David Ledbetter, Robert is not only way better in my opinion, he is not a celebrity teacher he is really special he makes you feel so relaxed he made me feel I was the most important person in the world for the entire lesson he really knows what he is talking about I went from getting ready to quit this game to loving it in 45 min my lowest score was 84 last week after two lessons I shot 75.
1-Oct-15 John Oliver Roberts Great!! I have been playing golf a long time and not getting any better, I had several bad habits that I didn't know I had. After 1 Lesson the Guy's I have been Golfing with said I was hitting the Ball Alot Better, I am actually looking forward to upcoming lessons, Knowing that Robert will help Me improve my game. Robert also has a Great Sense of Humor and incorporates that into his training method. He is Fun to be around and a Very Good Teacher!!
29-Sep-15 Lisa P Robert rocks! Robert came highly recommended and has been amazing! I was very discouraged with my game as I've slipped into bad swing habits and he's taught me the tools to fix it. I'm in love with the game again and the handicap is coming down! Now if I only loved practicing just as much:).
7-Sep-15 Trillene B Simply the best! Robert is so good at what he does. He truly has a gift for teaching. I am very new to golf so of course there is so much to learn. Robert is so patient and encouraging always turning my frustrations into a fun and productive lesson. I have been extremely happy with the instruction I have received and would recommend him to everyone. If you're that person that always says ""no one can help me improve my swing"" then you haven't taken a lesson with Robert!
4-Sep-15 Parker Pennings Swing Robert has the unique ability to see what it is in your swing that is causing you to hit poorly...and then show you how to fix it..I have gone from a high 90's low 100's player to occasionally hitting in the 80's...4 lessons..exciting progress for me..thanks Robert!
1-Sep-15 Tracy C McMillan Golf Academy Robert is certainly as good a golf instructor as you will find. In my opinion he is simply the best, but working with Robert is about more than golf. He is a quality individual who cares about his students. He never fails to have a positive upbeat attitude which is as important as his knowledge of golf.
31-Aug-15 Bobby Barr Sons First Lesson Robert is excellent with kids. He's now teaching my 11 & 13 year old boys. Starting them with a good foundation with the correct grip and swing path. He has just the right amount of instruction and kidding around to keep the boys from losing focus. I think the before and after videos helps them to see immediate progress. Very glad we were referred to Robert!
17-Aug-15 Dirk Rodriguez Robert is the best I have been taking lessons from Robert for 4 months. He has me shaping shots! Each lesson makes my swing and my game better. If you practice what he teaches, your game improves. He helps you understand a golf swing. Once you master a golf swing by Robert, it is a thing of beauty! You will be able to correct mistakes on the course, because of his simple yet direct instructions! If you are not taking lessons from him, you are wasting time & money! His student just win his 1st professional event!
13-Aug-15 Ron and Karen Davidson Good instructor Knowledgeable and patience. Works a lot on visual explaination which really helps. Very nice guy makes you feel comfortable while learning.
10-Aug-15 Sheila R Very Patient Ron was amazing and patient as he helped me with the basics as I did not have any experience with golf. I will continue all of my lessons with Ron and McMillan Golf and recommend them highly for anyone who wants to learn golf or improve their game.
29-Jul-15 Rich K Lost Swing Found!! Good guy - Great lesson. Swing flaws identified and reviewed - corrective actions established and simple swing keys/thoughts outlined. His use of video is ""enlightening"" - to say the least!! Saw significant improvement next time out!! Couldn't be more pleased!! Time and money well spent!! Thanks, Robert!!
27-Jul-15 Nate Awesome!! 3 lessons in! My golf game has dwindled over the years and have been looking to find a good pro to take lessons from, and it just so happens I met Robert while out one evening and looked him up. First off, just an all around great guy! Most importantly well worth the money, within 20 mins of my swing was completely turned around! The direction he gives accompanied with the fundamental break down of the swing is by far the best I have ever encountered! Thanks Robert!!
27-Jul-15 George Langdon First lesson with Robert Robert was fantastic to work with and I learned a great deal very quickly. After some time at the range, I will be back for another lesson. Many Thanks!
24-Jul-15 Jim B first lesson He was able to quickly identify basic fundamental mistakes in setup and take away. Good starting point.
22-Jul-15 Jeff Seibert Awesome advise ! Thanks so much Robert for the great tip about correcting my right elbow for more consistency. I was able to take it straight to the course. Your instruction on the short came and drills to keep my head still have already started to pay off and and I am getting my confidence back. I am kicking myself for not coming sooner but I look forward to keep improving with you. Can't thank you enough for that great advise!
19-Jul-15 V.M. Seriously Although related, Ron always finds a fix for my issue. This time it was changing a slide into a rotation. Distance and consistency returned immediately. You're the best Bro.
17-Jul-15 cooper h Great Scot! Mr McMillan is a really great teacher. He can teach you anything about golf. I've been with him almost four years. He's a great guy and a very good teacher. I will still be with him when I am 37.
17-Jul-15 Chris Panek Game Changer Robert has helped me immensely. I had developed bad habits from a bad shoulder. Robert has such a good eye for details and helps make you feel the change rather than just telling you. Best instructor I've had hands down.
17-Jul-15 Camee Ponder Enjoyable learning experiences. I hadn't been able to make it out to see Robert in a month or so and had forgotten some of the great swing skills he had taught me. With out frustration or hesitation he jumped right back to where we had left off and made me feel better about my insecurities of not being consistent with my practicing. He makes learning golf fun and makes you excited to want to play more. It's always an easy and fun hour when you're with him. His humor is icing on the cake too!
13-Jul-15 Jim F Full swing I have really benefited from Robert's instruction and his eye for detail. I only wish that I had started taking lessons from him earlier. I like how he gives drills to work on that counteract the problems that he has diagnosed. I always look forward to our next lesson.
12-Jul-15 Dirk Rodriguez Shaping shots now. the title says it. Robert has me shaping shots. I spend more time in the short grass. Score is in the low 90 to mid 80's. I can see breaking 80. This from a 58 year old self employed professional 80-100 hour work week who has only concentrated on playing golf for 3&1/2 years. My regret is I wish I had signed up with Robert 3 years ago. He gave me tools so I can recover from bad shots to salvage the round. Robert is the PGA pro you want teaching you golf!
10-Jul-15 Mike B Robert is Fantastic I have taken lessons for over 40 years now from a number of teachers. His ability to see my issues quickly and help me understand how to improve is unmatched in my experience. Robert is simply the best instructor I have ever encountered. Great stuff !
6-Jul-15 J.V. Best hour of instruction I have had Using lots of video and personal instruction really helped me. Robert can show you what you need to change rather than try to tell you. Lessons are backed up with video clips of lesson and your practice tips.
20-Jun-15 Tony Gonzales Great golf lesson Robert broke down my swing sequence, then showed me the correct sequence in small steps. I learned a lot in one session and had fun in the process. Looking forward to many more lessons.
9-Jun-15 John Cole "Thank you, Robert!" I have spent $1,000s on lessons with a host of other instructors in Dallas. Robert did more in ONE LESSON to improve my game than ALL the others ... combined !! I am a customer for life and looking forward to many more sessions.
2-Jun-15 Kirk Holifield Lesson Working with Robert was an excellent experience for me. What a difference between my swing before the lesson and after the lesson. I really appreciate that he took his time to explain the science and mechanics of why things are happening the way they are when I swing the club and the way I strike the ball. The video technology available after the lesson is also extremely valuable. I look forward to working with Robert on an ongoing basis to continue to improve my game.
30-May-15 John Mckeel Both analytic and intuative golf instruction Robert McMillan has the special gift of helping you understand the swing as a whole movement and also has the ability to breakdown each aspect of the swing so you can learn how to help yourself become a better golfer. He understands the fundamentals and particulars of the swing so well that he can help you improve whether a pro, college, weekender hacker, a serious weekender looking to take your buddies money. The one thing you'll be assured of... you will become a better golfer.
24-May-15 Pete Quick Diagnosis Robert quickly figured out the flaws in my swing, communicated them in an understanding way, and had drills that made sense. In just 1 hour the abrupt change in my swing was quite visible. I believe I gained more in one lesson with Robert than I have with numerous lessons with other instructors. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Robert and only have one reason why you shouldn't. That reason is that you might take the spot I am looking to schedule.
20-May-15 Anthony Bird Understandable step by step instruction!! After just the first lesson with Robert, I decided to purchase nineteen more on the spot. He teaches in terms that are easy to remember, and he doesn't overwhelm you with too many instructions. His building block approach to the golf swing makes practice sessions far more beneficial. He helps you to understand what causes many of the mistakes in a golf swing. I find I can often identify the symptoms in my swing, but I struggle to understand the cause. Not anymore. Fantastic!!! 2 thumbs up
10-May-15 Dave Sattler Best Lesson Ever Robert provided me with the the best 1 hour of instruction that I have ever had. I am looking forward to implementing some of the basic fundamentals that will help improve my golf game dramatically.
4-May-15 Mike Hicks Top Instructor Robert is the best instructor I have been to. I have been to Hank Haney & Jim Mclean schools for lessons,both long term. They were not able to fix my problem with a driver. However they were able to cause a couple new problems. One visit with Robert, I have answer and a solution. This was never Identified by the other instructors. Robert is the real deal. I'm still shocked at how easy it was for him to see what I was doing wrong, and a solution to fix it. Will return!
13-Apr-15 Dirk Rodriguez PGA instruction with results I've had 4 lessons with Robert & the results are great. Smaller misses with good recovery. I can even shape the shot. 1 of his students was the amateur at this weeks Masters. How's that for a golf lesson! Take a lesson and see the difference. I enjoy golf again. I can play from the short grass, which make the game fun! PGA instruction with PGA results! Book with Robert now!
8-Apr-15 Camee Ponder My improvement with Robert I have had 4 lessons with Robert and he has helped me change from a terrible swing to a half way decent swing. I plan on continuing my lessons with Robert. He has a great eye for catching movements in your swing and then knowing how to help you correct them.
2-Apr-15 Ken V Excellent communication and a keen eye I've known Robt for years. I recently took my first lesson and can give him a great endorsement. He has the ability to quickly get to your swing faults and give you a simple explanation of how to fix the problem. He also has a great command of both the hands on approach and/or video to assist. I highly recommend working with Robt for your instructional needs.
2-Apr-15 Troy Vanderburg Awesome! Robert is a terrific instructor and a lot of fun to be around. My son was already an accomplished golfer but saw immediate results from just one lesson and has shown steady consistent improvement since going to Robert. Robert has a great personality, sense of humor, and a genuine love of the game.
1-Apr-15 Fred Keithley Basic Instruction Robert McMillian has been very patient with me and has taught me some basic techniques about strikiing the ball effectively; such as hitting the ball before strikingl the turf. This has iincreasd my distance with thIe three and four hybreds and the short irons.I will continue lessons with Robertt and expect even greater progress.
8-Mar-15 Dirk Rodriguez "Excellence, enjoyment, professional" I have spent $2000 for golf lessons at a ""big box"" chain golf store. Within the first minutes of being at Roberts tutelage, he eliminated years of a major bad habit. This one change is worth the drive and money. To ""learn"" golf and subsequently enjoy it, it is imperative to take lessons from a professional like Robert. He is sincerely excited & happy to teach, his enthusiasm contagious. Do not ponder any further. Sign up, take lessons now! Everything else ia a waste. Thank you, Robert!
27-Feb-15 Brian Norman Thank You Robert has a unique ability to really connect with his students. I haven't had a golf lesson and years and was really impressed with his approach and passion for the game. I would recommend him for lessons with golfers of all skill levels. Thanks for everything Robert! Brian Norman, PGA!
26-Feb-15 Clint Avara Lesson I have seen a tremendous improvement in my ball striking and consistency since I started working with Robert two months ago, I was at a point in my game where I was really struggling and the game was becoming less enjoyable. Robert has made the game fun again and with his help I feel can get back to competing in tournament play. He is a top notch Professional and a I would recommend any level of player to work with him to get better. Clint Avara, PGA
23-Feb-15 Vincent Panzera Lesson 2 A work over Fighting back after two years of struggling with injuries and adopting bad habits, Robert's eye has identified several key issues that need to be addressed. His guidance and a lot of hard work will get me back where I once was, enjoying the game.
2-Feb-15 Camee Ponder Robert is awesome! Thank you Robert. I cant believe how much you improved my swing in one lesson. One of my goals for 2015 is to learn how to not only play but to hold my own in GOLF. Thank you for helping me get closer to achieving a goal. Looking forward to the next 5 lessons. And you made it a fun experience despite the rain.
22-Jan-15 R.B. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!! Simple and sound. What a FANTASTIC experience ... I finally know what a golf shot feels like, sounds like, looks like. All with minor adjustments to boot. Explains the mechanics in a non-mechanical way. I'm well on my way to enjoying this game AGAIN. Thank you and I say I still look better than Adam Scott :) Cheers !!!
18-Jan-15 Shana Gassiot #1 instructor Would not drive 3 hrs one way for any other golf instructor... By far the best teacher around. Very patient with this novice player! Robert makes the game fun... Never a dull moment !!!
5-Jan-15 laurel harty review from cooper's mom My son, Cooper, has been taking lessons with Mr. McMillan for more than three years now. I can't imagine Cooper liking any sport more than golf. The relationship he has with his coach is really special and as a parent, its nice knowing your child respects and loves another adult that I also value as a teacher and trustworthy adult. The bond between them is quite remarkable. Mr. McMillan will be stuck with Cooper for years to come!
4-Jan-15 Bradley Phelps First Lesson to Now Robert really knows how to take your game to the next level. In the 6 months with Robert, we have made tremendous strides in my game and am excited for the future. He really knows how to push you and bring out every bit of untapped potential hiding inside of you. I haven't met a better guy to this day that genuinely cares about each in every one of his students the way that Robert does. Glad to have a guy like him on my team and can't wait to see what new heights 2015 will bring with his help.
4-Dec-14 Lee Sambol Great First lesson I was at the point to where I was about to give up on golf. Robert diagnosed me quickly on my first lesson. We are working on some pretty big flaws but at least I feel like I am learning correct fundamentals in a way I can understand.
25-Nov-14 Terry Leach Great Instructor Robert has been a great instructor. I struggle with consistency and he has been great at identifying my issues and giving me things to work on. HIs use of video has really helped me to recognize what is happening in my swing.
2-Nov-14 Ken Kasten The Best of The Best I have been in the golf business for over 35 years and have had the incredible opportunity to receive instruction from some of the biggest named instructors in golf. Simply said, Robert is the ""best of the best"" in my opinion. He identifies swing faults and communicates and demonstrates the fix specific to the players abilities that is easy to understand and execute. Robert makes learning golf and practice fun.
16-Oct-14 Gary Harrison-Ducros Golf lesson My lesson with Robert was extremely efficient and effective. He filmed my swing and identified the positives and opportunities immediately. His personality and approach are extremely positive too. I recommend him without reservation if you want permanent game improvement.
16-Oct-14 Tony S Excellent Teacher ...and also the most patient helping me to learn golf and making it seem so easy, would recommend Robert to beginner and expert alike to help you get a great game
2-Oct-14 Mark R Great experience I had won a 1 hour session with Robert in a raffle. I expected to get an obligatory session, but I was surprised at how well I was treated. Robert was attentive and genuine. He quickly identified the problem with my swing and gave me several tips to practice to ensure my swing remained fixed.
26-Sep-14 John Sturges Unbelievable results I have spent quite a bit of money with at least three prior certified instructors in an effort to bring my game to the next level. I enjoy playing golf but my ball striking was inconsistent and often left me frustrated especially since I am competitive by nature. I happened to be hitting balls at the range and noticed Roberts ad for lesson and figured I would take a chance and try another instructor. Incredibly within 20 minutes he had identified the issue with my swing and fixed it.
17-Sep-14 Gary B Game Fix's I finally found from Robert how to attempt changes to my swing to bring me closer to the correct basics of the game. Had I known this man many years ago my fundamentals would allow some pretty tremendous scores today. I could not offer any serious golfer or any beginner a better recommendation than Robert McMillan.
7-Sep-14 Bo Ward Great Instructor!! Robert improved my swing tremendously in the first lesson. He is great to work with and I would highly recommend his services to any golfer looking to improve their game.
28-Aug-14 Roger M He Gets It! The sign of a true master is they can simplify the complex. Robert does that naturally. He understands golf and can teach at any level. He connects with people. This rare combination has helped my boys and I learn golf and enjoy the process. Thanks Robert!
28-Aug-14 William P Excellent Instruction Robert is an exceptional instructor. His use of video on the range and his ability to demonstrate and articulate the golf swing has helped tremendously. I am striking the ball much better with more distance & consistency and having fun playing golf again. I would recommend Robert to any golfer looking to improve their game. Plus, the lessons are fun! Robert has a great sense of humor and he makes the lesson an enjoyable experience.
19-Aug-14 Carol B I'm Hooked! I have been contemplating taking up golf for years. I tried to play 25 years ago and was so frustrated that I never continued. I decided to give it a try again and was introduced to Robert. I took my first lesson this week and afterward signed up for many more. Robert was very articulate, with demonstration and encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and was thrilled with what I learned. I am hooked, hopefully for life!
15-Aug-14 Dan Costello Real results! Both of my two son's have been coached by Robert and the results speak for themselves. Each play for the Heritage High School golf team and will continue to improve under his instruction. Robert has a great golf pedigree and an awesome attitude. Attitude is everyting in golf, and his is upbeat and very positive. The swing he teaches is simple, balanced and very repeatable. What I love most is Robert has made my two older boys good players for life! THANKS ROBERT!
14-Aug-14 Bradley Phelps One of the Top Teachers in the Country Robert Mcmillan is by far the best instructor I've ever seen or been around. The way he simplifies things helps me understand the swing changes he wants to make. I've been working with Robert for just over a month and he has quickly turned my swing in to that of a repeatable and consistent one. I know that all of my summer success is thanks to Robert. I definitely couldn't have done it without him. I look forward to seeing continued success as I enter my final year of college. Thanks Robert!
10-Aug-14 E.R. The Man Robert In only 5 months Robert McMillan has completely changed by back swing and we are creating a swing I can trust under pressure. Great instructor ans better guy, look forward to what the future holds!
30-Jul-14 r.s. Great Teacher Robert McMillian has given me a new appreciation for the game, especially after not playing on a regular basis for the last several years. In the past, I've taken lessons from others and quite frankly I didn't get a lot out of them. I have learned and grasped more about my game and swing in 6 lessons from Robert than all others combined. Robert breaks it down in easy to understand steps. He is never in a rush and always willing to spend time to explain and demonstrate. Best teacher I have seen.
28-Jul-14 Don Oldfield 26 to 15 Handicap. Golf is fun again! I spent way too much time practicing a bad golf swing. Robert had to build a new one. I no longer require a chiropractor after each round. He taught me swing mechanics. Great instructor and communicator. I can't wait until the next set of lessons!
26-Jul-14 John Glidewell Sportsmanship Professional To my Golfing friends & Golfer want to be's Robert is very passionate about golf and how it is taught. He not only teaches children and makes speaking engagements for both children and adults on his Topic of : ""The Round of Life"" But more important he teaches handicap people of all kinds and gives them the chance to enjoy the game that may never get to experience it if not for him. He'll teach you the best part ,sportsmanship & fun of the game !! Enjoy your game!!!
26-Jul-14 Bob Ryan Robert McMillan gave me the best damn golf less I ever had. Heard about Robert from a friend in Texas. Flew there from Chicago for three hours of lessons. I've had lessons from Haney and Flick, so I think I know when I'm getting good info. Robert was the best, and he is makes it SO MUCH FUN. Helped me in every part of my game. Worth the trip to Texas!!!!!! If there's a better teacher out there, I'd like to know who he is!
25-Jul-14 Marc Walker McMillan Golf Academy...A school where being a student is fun! Robert McMillan truly exemplifies the best in a PGA Professional and Teacher. With over 30+ years of golf experience and one of the greatest personalities in golf, he makes the time spent learning the game very enjoyable. As an accomplished player himself both domestically and internationally Robert understands key variables that can be applied to the golf swing such as physical/mental conditioning, tailored golf equipment, golf etiquette/history, and playing in all weather conditions.
21-Jul-14 S.T. Highly recommended Robert has an uncanny ability to make things very simple and easy to understand. He can quickly and easily identify the areas of the swing which need improvement and then put in place a plan to correct these flaws. His follow up with video and photos is first class, and makes the whole process so much easier to grasp.
21-Jul-14 Paul N Exceptional Robert is a personable and exceptional golf instructor. I have seen some great results from working with him. He simplifies the teaching process , making the swing changes easy to digest and implement. Outside of scheduled lessons he was happy to answer my emails when I had questions which I really appreciate. He is an exceptional golfer himself and is a great person with a lot of valuable experiences to share..I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to step up their game, Thx RM.
20-Jul-14 Corbin Kasten Top Instructor in Texas I have been to the ""top"" ranked teachers around the country, and I will be the first person to tell you, Robert McMillan is easily one of the best coaches in the country. I have been going to Robert for a few months now and the progress we have made has been fantastic. I recently just won my United States Amateur qualifier with 68 70 and I am in the middle of a huge swing change. I couldn't of done any of this without the help of Robert. He makes swing changes easy and fun. Top teacher in Texas!
20-Jul-14 Rick B Golf Lessons With Robert McMillan I recently started taking lessons from Robert McMillan. I've had three lessons so far. He has changed my swing somewhat so any real improvement has come yet. I know he is very busy and has a lot of students. At this point I can't rate his ability as an instructor, though I kinda feel like a number and find it difficult to talk to him outside of the hour lessons I have had. You have to book lessons well in advance.
4-Jul-14 cooper h The great putter Mr McMillan, my golf teacher, says I am one of the best at putting. I need some help on my grip sometimes and my golf teacher drew on my glove to make sure I never get it wrong. I love mr McMillan. He is the best.
16-Jun-14 linda watrak Robert knows golf Robert has a clear, concise, correct answer for any question I have ever asked him about golf. He has complete confidence in his knowledge of everything golf.
8-May-14 Cross Tracy Great instructor! Robert has a complete and thorough understanding of the golf swing. More importantly, he has a great ability to convey his knowledge to others. Robert works with his student's abilities to maximize their skills. In addition, he is just a great guy to be around.
8-Apr-14 Laura Davis Great lessons! I love working with Robert. After only 2 lessons, I can tell the difference in the basics - the way he video's all of my issues and allows me to actually see what I'm doing and what I'm improving on is super effective. I can't recommend him enough!!
13-Mar-14 linda watrak Creative Robert is always finding simple ways to demonstrate correct alignment and swing path. He tailors his teaching methods to the individual's ability and needs.
23-Feb-14 Dr. M Simply the Best I thought this was to be taught in medical school, but since not, Robert is the ultimate teaching professional--not only in all the physics and technicality of the proper swing--individualized, but also in the all-important mental aspect of the game. He has made a major difference in my game with his patient, positive, and realistic expertise...and continues to always make the lesson enjoyable and very productive!
2-Jan-14 Tim W First Lesson I have played golf for many years, but I have gotten into a rut and cannot find a way out of it on my own. My first lesson with Robert had a major impact on my swing and I now believe I know what I need to do to get better. In addition, Robert had me make 1 simple swing change with my driver and I am flying it 30 yards further. Great job Robert and thanks.
31-Dec-13 Stuart Munro Cheers Robert Amazing difference after only one lesson. Two clubs longer, ball striking and trajectory enormous improvement. Should have done this years ago.Robert customizes the lesson to best suit the individual with realistic targets and goals. Simply the best!!!
28-Nov-13 Paul "Thanks, Robert" My wife gave me a 20 lesson package for Christmas last year. I completed my 20th lesson a few weeks ago. I am a slow learner who been playing pretty bad golf for about 50 years. With Robert's help, I'm hitting more balls straighter and longer than I ever have, both off the tee and with my fairway woods and irons. I hope my wife gives me the same gift this Christmas so I can work on my short game. I truly believe than my game is moving from the high 90's to mid 80's, thanks to Robert.
23-Nov-13 Kelsie Siporin Lessons with Robert Robert has really helped me improve my swing. He explains and shows me through video what and how to do things which really help me learn. He makes the lessons a lot of fun.
20-Nov-13 Fred Murphy Improvement with each lesson Robert has a very organized, systemic, progressive, but HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED teaching method to take you from your baseline and allow you to realize your maximum potential--and he makes it fun while doing so--incredible teacher!
19-Nov-13 linda watrak Chipping & Putting In one lesson, with a few simple changes, Robert improved my technique enough to reduce my score by 2 strokes per hole. What could be better. Thank You.
18-Nov-13 kristen fritschel Robert Fixed My Drive in 10 Minutes! I recently changed my grip, and have had great success with it, but suddenly, I couldn't hit my driver anymore. In a panic, Robert got me in for a lesson, quickly assessed the problem, and in 10 minutes he had me consistently hitting 225 yard drives with ease - straight down the middle (I'm only 110 pounds)! In my view, Robert is a gifted golf instructor! Thanks Robert!
13-Nov-13 Cooper H Good stuff about mr mcmillan Mr McMillan is a great teacher. He explains stuff in a good way. I have been with him since I was 5 years old. I am 7 1/2 now and I am great at golf. I am his friend and I love you. Signed, Cooper.
2-Nov-13 charles mueller old dog new and better tricks I've been playing golf for over 40 yrs without the benefit of formal instruction. Needless to say I had some well established faults I needed to change. The changes Robert has made to my swing have had dramatic effects. It took a while but well worth the time!
28-Oct-13 ronnie harris Lessons I had a great session and learned a lot, I will be taking other lessons. I found out the major cause for not being able to hit the ball consistently.
19-Sep-13 Chuck V Great Lesson Great first lesson. A must for someone that wants to get started and fine the things to improve your gold experience. Will go back for more.
23-Aug-13 Matthew L Beginner Matthew attended Roberts golf camp and it was a great experience! He had a great time and Robert made it fun. Since then we had a private lesson and I'm very impressed with Roberts teaching style! Matthew can't wait for his next lesson.
20-Aug-13 linda watrak Distance and Accuracy Never thought I could drive a ball 200 yards straight at the target. Robert knows golf and has a gift for communicating that knowledge.
20-Aug-13 Pat Saunders Short Game Lesson Robert assesses your game and THEN teaches the right technique for YOU. I like Robert's humor and teaching technique.
20-Jul-13 Greg G First Lesson It was a great lesson. Robert teaches a powerful combination of both feel and mental pictures of new positions to overcome flaws. He has an exceptional eye for what's happening in a swing and what to go after to fix. It was a very rewarding experience for me
7-Jun-13 Adam Abert Lesson Great lesson. Robert really honed in on my issues and provided insightful swing thoughts as I work to improve my game.
13-May-13 Eric S Awesome Hes a great teacher, really knows what he is doing. He has taken me from a bad 14 Handicapper to a strong 8. Knows all parts of the game, full swing, short game, putting etc.... Well worth the time and money I have invested.
9-May-13 Travis Clark Awesome! Our son has been going to McMillan Golf Academy for over a year now. Mr. McMillan has unique and effective ways of teaching golf, he lays out a plan for success and advancement for young golfers. Swing mechanics, course management, and how to win. Mr. McMillan teaches etiquette and manners both on and off the course. If you're looking for a golf pro who can take it to the next level and have fun doing it....McMillan Golf Academy offers that and much more.
9-May-13 Don 1st Lesson Evaluation and first lesson went well. Took a look at my swing and broke down the changes we needed to make. Then started working on one at a time. Appreciated the approach.
8-May-13 Jonathan M Significant Improvement Robert has made a big improvement to my swing in only a couple of lessons. Very knowlegable and breaks down the issues in a very understandable way. Highly recommended, I can't wait to see how much more he can help my game.
7-May-13 Fred Murphy "Never, ever on the tour..." will I be...but the improvement in my game by working with Robert has been nothing short of incredible. He teaches in a very encouraging, inspirational, yet realistic manner. In addition to being the gold standard of golf instructors, Robert is professional, upbeat, and makes learning truly a fun experience. If you want to learn from the best, the best is Robert McMillan.
6-May-13 Tom P. Great with kids Robert has been teaching my 9 year old son and has done a great job not only teaching him a proper golf swing but keeping it fun and interesting. My son looks forward to his lessons and is really enjoying learning the game.
2-May-13 Kelly Great Instructor for all ages and experience level! I would recommend Robert to everyone. He is extremely knowledgable and has a knack for teaching. He has helped improve my golf game 100%. I started with him basically brand new and he has been such a great help to me. Robert is very personable and easy to work with, he makes the lessons fun and interesting. Ive also had the pleasure of seeing him teach teens and younger children and he relates with all levels! Great Guy!
2-May-13 Ray R CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks I've been playing golf for 50 years and never had a lesson. I finally decided it was time to see if I could rekindle my game of old. On the advice of some friends and students of McMillian Golf, I signed up for some lessons. What I found out was that with Roberts' help, I still had game. Robert was able to fix some of the issues I was having that age and a knee replacement has caused. Still working with Robert and enjoying every time we work together.
2-May-13 Pam R wach'en and hack'en. Now this is funny! I think Robert is having as much fun as I am seeing my ""Oh, so dramatic change in my golf game."" It took time, it took patience (on both sides) to make a ""major"" improvement. If you're not in lessons now, you're just wach'en and hack'en. Every penny you spend with Robert is returned to you 10 fold. Do it! Do it now!
1-May-13 Bob lehman Golf instruction Robert is a gifted teacher and has amazing patience. His understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing are only exceeded by his ability to translate his knowledge into useful skills development. I would highly recommend Robert as a teaching pro to anyone from beginner to the seasoned player who wants to improve his/ her game or reduce the handicap.
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